About me

My name is Annalisa and I am a wedding planner and designer. I carry out my work with genuine passion. For me, it is an absolute privilege to be able to plan, build and immortalize those milestone moments of life in which love is celebrated.

Making the wishes of those who entrust me with their dreams come true is my job. My priority is giving maximum attention to the spouses’ desires and their guests’ too, and this means searching for the right location, as well as identifying of the most suitable suppliers and studying materials and decorative elements, although these are just some aspects of planning.

The heart of the process is in the creation of a natural and welcoming atmosphere, the harmony of colors and scents, the beauty of a floral setting inspired by the passions of the protagonists… these are all impalpable details, but equally fundamental in creating an unforgettable wedding.

The professionalism with which I face every wedding event is the result of experience acquired and consolidated over years in the field, but it also comes from targeted training courses, in which I learned to nourish my creativity.

On this website you will find a selection of my works: take a stroll around splendid villas in the Tuscan countryside all the way to the ancient castles of Abruzzo, where you’ll be surrounded by vineyards, olive and almond trees and you’ll find yourself passing by suggestive monasteries and unforgettable abbeys by the sea.