31 January 2023

Brittany and Jesse – Wedding in Tuscany

A wonderful sunset delicately enveloped the most emotional moments of this dreamy wedding, with the ceremony and reception taking place at an enchanted villa just a few minutes away from the heart of Florence.

For me, working with an international team to bring this event and its romantic atmosphere to life has been nothing but a pleasure.

The bride, Brittany, wanted the colors in the palette to be sophisticated but with a strong character as well; this way, subtle shades of English roses melting with the maroon tones of carnation and astrantia perfectly embodied her classy vision, creating an aura of magic, along with a tableful of lights and flowers descending softly from above.

Photo Paula O’Hara   Video Cinematic Tide

Stefania and Gianni …of gold and embraces Progetto precedente
Liang and Roberto – Traditional Red Progetto successivo